8 Ways to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog

Do you want to increase the Alexa rank of your blog? Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. It is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website visited by many people.
You may want to increase the Alexa rank for your blog to make money from advertising, the advertisers use it as a measuring tool to determine the quality of your blog. So if you are someone who is looking for money from ads on your blog, you will definitely want to improve alexa rank because it helps you in determining the price of ads on your blog. Sites like reviewme.com determine the price review based on your Technorati rank and Alexa ranking.Here are 8 Ways to Improve Your Blog Alexa Ranking:

Download Alexa toolbar for free. If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, I recommend you to use plugins SearchStatus which not only displays the Alexa rank but it also shows page rank details, nofollow links, meta tags, keyword density of pages.
Install the Alexa rank widget on your blog. Each click on the widget will be counted as a new visitor.
Encourage your friends or colleagues to use Alexa toolbar. Explain to them about the system alexa toolbar. Ask them to rate your Alexa website profile.
Try to use dugg or stumbled. It will bring in a large amount of traffic to your site and contributes a lot to your Alexa ranking.
Writing content related to webmasters. This is because most of the bloggers use the Alexa toolbar. You can write and post articles related to SEO, webmaster tool. The bloggers are always looking for new tools and can visit your website to get the new tools. Promote your articles on webmaster forums and social networking sites.
Buy links and banners from webmaster forums. An ad can bring lots of traffic to your site and increase your Alexa ranking. But you have to have a unique and interesting content on your blog to attract visitors.
Write about Alexa in your blog. Many Bloggers want to know about how to increase Alexa rank their blog. This in turn can increase your traffic and rankings.
You can try to Alexa Autosurfs new site or blog. This software may be practically blackhat techniques, do not use it too often.
Thus, how to improve alexa rank your blog, hopefully useful and do not forget to click like ok ..

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