Hey ! You might be using the below websites or WeBrands Daily or almost always when you are on the internet, like Google search and Yahoo email.

But ever wondered How much these internet Giants make ? or Whats their worth income each minute you browse for them ? its mind boggling amounts ! So just dont drop Jaws, But lets get inspired from them!!

Their Earnings might vary from the number on the List as of now 2010 Jan, But these are approximate figures, but would certainly help you gain an idea on how much money is flowing Only from ONLINE source!

So before we start, lets me inspire you with some great earning websites

    Google :  $21,000,000,000
    Amazon:  $19,200,000,000
    Yahoo:  $7,800,000,000
    Ebay:  $6,600,000,000
    Paypal: $2,450,000,000
    Hotels.com: $1,000,000,000
    Myspace.com:  $800,000,000
    Buy.com: $400,000,000
    Youtube.com: $300,000,000

Some Bloggers who make a lot of $$ every months

    Techcrunch – $200,000 amonth !
    Mashable – $180,000 a month
    Smashing Magazine – $60,000 a month
    Problogger – $40,000 a month
    Noupe – $ 5,000 a month
    Just Creative Design – $3000 a month

I derrived these stats from another Great earning Blog:  Income Diary ( owned by Michale Dunlop)

These are great numbers right ?

So what are really helping them to earn, is it that they simply grew up or is it that they are earning by just throwing a few 125×125 ad banners all over their websites ? Absolutely not !

Smart and sucessfull website owners earn Big Cash from their websites due to few Solid methods or call them even reasons that i can even list below:

    Quality Quality / Unique Unique Content ! I will give this point a 5 star rating as this is the most and the very most important part in this article, If  you have regularly updated content and that too with qulity, give it some time and do your homework, Money and traffic will follow.
    Advertising Banners : It is one way of earning money from your blog But not one of my methods, it makes your blog feel like a ad newsletter, so limit it to only quality ads and very few in number.  To get good ad banners, i suggest you  to directly contact webmasters and website owners you find in Forums like Digitalpoint and explain your traffic potential and get them to put up ads on a monthly or yearly basis. (this option has not worked that great personally for me, but contributed for about 10% of my earnings)
    Affiliate Sales: This method of advertising has Really been over the web and has really worked for me and for many others well. ( nearly 40 -60% of my earnings are from the Affiliate Sales, so tie up with some good affiliate products in your niche and suggest them with your affiliate links within your articles so that you can convert your sales from REAL People who trust you and  are in need of the good products you suggest. Read this to know more on that: 12 WordPress Plugins to monetize your Blog ( this article will also give you know how about wordpres s plugins that automatically convert your keywords to affiliate links, isnt that nice ? )
    Private Advertising : Another very important method that i use to make some cash, How ? its simple, browsing the web a lot is important when you have just begun, Some regular forums i brows are : Digitalpoint forum, Statcounter forum, SEO Chat forum, Programming Talk forum, WebdesignForum, SitegroundForum – Just google these website names and you will get the forum link.  do regular posts here, Talk to people you find there, Show off your traffic in the Sell Area, and invite potential advertisers to buy text links on your home page etc ( this has been working well for me) But remember not to over crowd your Blog Roll :)
    Selling your Products: Its always nice to take out time to write in your own niche, like i have been writing ebooks and intially do a free giveaway and let people get a taste of what you write, then sell your or others ebooks on your website and make cash !
    Adsense/ Chitika: These two PPC admodules have worked well for me, again dont over do it, only use these when you have lot of quality content and when people would not mind you using 1 ad in your article, that might also count helpful. Eg. while reading about best paints if they see an add to buy paints, they would ofcourse click i, there Again youve learnt how to get cash :)

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