Advantages and disadvantages of PS3 and Xbox 360

Advantages and disadvantages of PS3 and Xbox 360 I thought this would make a good thread, rather than just posting fanboy comments I think it is a good idea to post the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make your own mind up about which to buy

-It has a blue-ray player which gives better sound and graphics
-It has free wifi
-It doesn't use a points system for downloads so you know exactly how much you are buying something for
-Free online music streaming (vidzone)
-It has BBC iplayer
-It can run linux OS so it can double up as a pc (not on the slim)
-You can get play TV on it
-you can connect your psp to your PS3 and remotely access your PS3
-folding @ home helps find cures for diseases by using some of the PS3's processing power
-Has a low failure rate (although these rates are changing from year to year.
-Lots of media support such as photos, videos and music.
-Controllers charged by usb cable.
-It has a browser

-It is expensive although prices are on their way down
-not all models have backwards compatibility

Xbox 360:
-Cheaper than the PS3
-The online community is larger than that of the PS3
-Lots of popular exclusives (although the same can be said for the PS3)

-High failure rate, often exceeding 50% (again these values change from year to year)
-Uses HD DVD's which are a little outdated and can hold less data than Blue-ray
-Controllers are powered by batteries (but you can get wired ones)
-You have to buy a wifi adaptor to play wireless
-You have to pay per month to use xbox live.

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