2013 Undergraduate Student Funding

Student finance applications have now opened for the 2013/14 academic year for students from England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Please visit the relevant webpage for details of how to apply.

http://www.ox.ac.uk#We are committed to ensuring students from the UK and EU understand the costs and funding for them if they choose to apply to the University of Oxford.
While many universities are offering either reduced fees or bursaries in 2013, Oxford will be providing both.

Oxford fee reductions

The tuition fee for one year of undergraduate study for UK/EU students studying for their first degree from 2013 is between £3,500 and £9,000 in the first year and between £6,000 and £9,000 in further years, depending on household income.
UK/EU students do not have to pay any tuition fees upfront.
All UK/EU undergraduate students who are liable for the full £9,000 tuition fee and whose household income is less than £25,000 will receive a reduction in their tuition fee*.
Household IncomeFee in first yearFee after first year
£0 - £16,000£3,500£6,000
£16,001 - £20,000£7,000£7,000
£20,001 - £25,000£8,000£8,000
£25,001 +£9,000£9,000
*Welsh students are able to access a tuition fee grant from the Welsh Assembly for £5,425, reducing their tuition fee loan to £3,575. They are not therefore eligible for an Oxford Fee Reduction.

Oxford bursary support

All UK/EU undergraduate students whose household income is less than £42,612 will receive an Oxford bursary to help them with their living costs at Oxford. The bandings below show the annual bursaries available from Oxford, dependent upon household income before tax.
Household income Bursary Additional start-up bursary
(first year only)
£16,000 or less £3,300£1,000
£16,001 -  £20,000 £3,000

start-up bursary
for all students
£20,001 -  £25,000 £2,500
£25,001 -  £30,000 £2,000
£30,001 -  £35,000 £1,500
£35,001 -  £40,000 £1,000
£40,001 -  £42,611£500
£42,612 and above £0£0 

Government support

The level of financial support available to students from the UK government is dependent on where you live and on your household income. All UK students can access a basic level of support to cover their fees and assist with their living costs. Those students from lower-income households are also eligible to receive non-repayable maintenance grants  and increased maintenance loans.
The 2013 government support has now been announced for English students, Scottish students, Northern Irish students, Welsh students and EU students.
International and Islands students should visit the relevant webpages for information on the costs and any support available to them for 2013.

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