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Scholarship application submission for the academic year 2013-2014 is CLOSED. We will start accepting applications for 2014 in December.
Minimum requirements to apply for a scholarship:
Muslim or active member of the Muslim community;
Enrollment at an accredited university in the U.S. by August 2013;
Majoring in an ISF supported major;
Maintaining a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average;
A Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.;
An undergraduate (junior/senior) or of graduate standing.
Please click here to apply only if you meet all the requirements.
Online applications and supporting documents must be submitted before the deadline. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or contact us at any time.
In addition to the application form, two essay questions of not more than 200 words on your personal goals and where you envision yourself in the next 8-10 years needs to be submitted online.
Furthermore, the following documents need to be uploaded for evaluation by Selection Committee:
1. College transcripts. The applicant’s transcripts must be uploaded for review by the Scholarship Selection Committee. Applicants must have submitted their recent transcripts from at least the last three years of academic education. ISF has the right to request for a sealed transcript if needed.
2. As a junior college transfer, the applicant will need the acceptance letter from an accredited four year college or university for full-time studies indicating the student’s major.
3. Two letters of recommendation to be sent electronically to the Selection Committee.
Within one year upon receiving an award, all awardees must agree to complete a certain number of hours (40-80 hours/year) of Muslim community volunteer service in their respective field of studies under the supervision of ISF and its partners. Such service shall include conducting a minimum one-day workshop within the awardees local Islamic community, with a career counseling section for teenagers.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION JUST GO http://islamicscholarshipfund.org

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