My beloved friends,,,,Before I ended my last article on today, I'll share a little about the problem being me and my family are facing today .... and why I am write this problem in one of the social networks? Because I am sure that many of the social movements that have sprung up due to the writing on social networking, from the solidarity movement to help others, even to the movement of the turn of the head of state, for example Egypt, Libya, and others. Hopefully this way can have a positive impact on my problem and can solve the problems that my family are facing today. Actually the problem is very much emotionally for me and my family,,,, because this is very embarrassing for us, but, we have been in a stalemate,,, how hard we tried, we just found deadlock ... before I write this, I am sure, that if my family would know of this writing, they would be very embarrassed and very angry to me, but when I saw the face of my father, his hair has turned white because of age, I am very sad ,,he still work for earning money in his old age. And in the end, I’ll take the risk to write this complicated issue with all the risks, so that I could find a solution for my problem …………. and perhaps this way can be one solution that would end my familys problem..... aamiin .. This problem occur when a cousin of my father made my grandfather land title collateral to obtain loans from the bank,,,,, when my father’s cousin ask  permit to my father about this, my father refused, because my father’s land certificate still unite with my grandfather’s land certificate,,but my father's cousin has  a bad idea, they make a deal with bank without my father’s permit, so, they do it, but my father doesn’t realize it... it’s sound like a famous serial drama, but it was  happen to my family.
Unfortunately, my father’s land certificate still unite with my grandfather’s land certificate, when my father ask about grandfather’s lands certificate to his cousin, because my father want to make his own certificate’s land (because his cousin take care our grandfather in his own house, so, the whole of value certificate on him), when my father ask him about it, he always say “ the certificate in my son ” and he always change the topic…..my father grow up from good family, so, he didn’t negative thingking about it and trust him. Now, I realize that, we mustn’t trust the others to much or distrust the others to much.
Day after day has passed, and finally the day came, the day when the people from bank came to cousins home ​​and they told him that the bank had to enter our land certificate to the list of " list auction" ... finally my cousin's father inform to my father about that,,,,, like being struck by lightning, we were shocked to hear that,,, we were devastated to hear it .. since it's, the excitement of our family taken away ... smiling almost disappeared from our faces ..then, my father realize, that, our land’s certificate has move to the others hand.. we are very furious and very angry also with our father's cousin  ..... those who take the money, but why should we also are exposed to the sap? In fact, we do not accept any money .... because they do it behind our family. But rice has become porridge  ...... we will not find out who is wrong, because it will not solve our problem ... For this reason, I am with all my flaws  beg your help and your donation, because we desperately need your help .... I do not know what must we do anymore, but it was definitely time went on, and I can only pray and trying to get rid from this disaster .... I hope you feel moved and Allah almighty touch you heart to assist us ... aamiin
We are a large family consisting of father, mother and 6 children (among family members we have 2 small children who are still in junior high school ),,, if we got confiscated from our home, we do not know, where we are live in? And how is our fate, especially the fate of our two sister who are still students?
my parents and my sister only able to earn for a living to cover the cost of consumption per day,,,
...... May God reward all your kindness for helping us ... aamiin .. we must redeem the certificate for ± Rp.50.000.000, 00 IDR it’s about $ in USD…if you want to lighten and help us in resolving problems,
Your donations channel into bank accounts 006201001451531 BRI branch Pandeglang the Name zaenal Aripin, or
send via paypal to my paypal email, address zaenal.aripin99 @ yahoo.com or
send to my address: No.04 Village Maja Rt01/01 zipcode 42217 Sari district. Maja Sari, Kab. Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia.
Any help from you, will be very significant for us ... may God reward all the goodness from you all ... aamiin ... If you want to include it into the lending, then write the name, address, nominal, and full payment, so that I can pay it ... insha allah .. if God willing ... I'll pay for it …..From the deepest of my heart, I say thank you ...
I’ll count tis donation or my debt and share it in my beloved blog.
From the deepest of my heart, I say thank you ...

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