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This article relates to my personality. And I'll try to explain it according to my knowledge clearly.
On this wonderful Day, I will explain about "what is Islam?", And "what is taught by Islam?".
I am writing this, because my obligation to explain Islam to the others who doesn’t know well about “islam”, because today many issues discredit “Islam”. Many people who doesn’t know Islam well thinking that Islam teach their follower with  anarchists doctrine, anti-democratic, and other bad assumptions to discrediting “Islam”.
The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word, it’s mean “peace” or “compassion”, so, the basic tenets of Islam is to spread peace and love. In the holy book of Muslims noted that after the command to worship GOD Almighty, surely the next verses describe and order us to socialize goodly to all human beings without exception, efen if to the animal.
I'll try to write some verses of the Holy Qur'an and some advices are taught by the prophet Muhammad as messenger of GOD Almighty (haditsh), because, a both  are the basic of Islamic law to be followed by the followers of islam.
1. Some Quran verses about love and peace:
a. Verses describe and order us to socialize goodly to all GOD creation’s .. Aqiimushsholah, wa aatuzzakah, it means "pray to ALLAH almighty as our God and give zakat". Zakat is a donation given to help others in trouble.
b.   Verses describe and order us to socialize well  "Ian tanaalul birro hatta tunfiqqu mimmaa tuhibbun", it means "youren’t kindsess if youren’t give what you love". infaq mean’s giving something usefull to people in need.
c.  Verses describe us to help each other,,, "Ta'aawanuu 'alal Birri wattaqwa, walaa ta'awanuu' alal itsmi wal 'udwan",,,, it means "do help each other  in doing good, and don’t help each other do in sin and enmity "..
d.  The verses which forbid us to killing and war, "laa taqtul nafsa... man yaqtul nafsa bigoiri haqqin, fakaannamaa qotalannaasa jamii'an" it means " do not kill ...who kill a person without rights (apparent reason, such as defending themselves from enemies / their occupiers eg), then it is tantamount to killing all humans on earth ",,,
e.   one verses forbid us to insulting non-moslem," walaa tasubbul ladziina kafaruu ... "" and do not be insult non-Moslims ....
f.    Verses that forbid “arrogant”,,,,, "walaa tusho'iir khodzdzaka linnaas, walaa tamsyi fil ardhi maraha", it means "do not raise your chin in front of the others(cause of arrogance), and do not walk with arrogance",
g.   The verses forbid us to make mischief ... "walaa tabgiil fasaadaa fiil ardyii ..." it means: "do not  mischief on earth, indeed GOD Almighty hates destroyer".
h.   Verses that teach “honesty in trade” .... "wazinuu bil qisthoosi.... walaa tukhsiirul miizaan", it means "to weigh with honesty, and do not reduce the dose / weight"
i.   Even the moslem people should not be fighting, except for the reason “protecting from invaders”, as recorded in the Holy Qur'an,,,, "Islam allowed people to fight in an oppressed and expelled (from his homeland)". And many more verses of Qur'an that urge us to do good to each other and spread love and peace
2.    Advice and suggestions Prophet Muhammad (hadith) about peace and love
a.    The Prophet said: "idza thobakhta maroqotan, fa aktsir ma ahaa, wata'ahad jiironaka" "when you cook the soup, increase the gravy, and invite your neighbors( for eating together).
b.   The Prophet said: "man yu'minu billahi wal yaumil aakhir, fal yukrim jaarohu" "anyone who believes in Almighty GOD and the Last Day, then respect their neighbors), (although the neighbors from  different religions, ethnic groups, and different nations). Prophet Muhammad even have a strange habit and remarkable character ,such as:
·  The Prophet habits is feeding  a non-Moslem who is blind. While that people  always underistimate the Prophet Muhammad every day, but the person doesn’t know that the feeder  is Prophet Muhammad SAW. That people realize that Prophet Muhammad feed him everyday  when Prophet Muhammad died, he asked the other person, who always fed him every day? and why now she doesn’t feed him again? Eventually he realized that the person who always fed him every day was the Prophet Muhammad and he didn’t feed him anymore because he is dead and in the end, that person to convert to Islam because he was big attention with good habit from prophet Muhammad .
·   Prophet Muhammad every day go to the masjid to praying. Every day he walk in the same streets. In one place, there were non-Moslems who always spits him, but The Prophet always forgive him, even The Prophet did not give up through that road. Arriving sector in the day, when the Prophet Muhammad walk to the masjid, he wondered why people who always spits me there isn’t, after pray, he ask to the others. finally he know, that person who always spits him was sick now. The Prophet immediately see that person in his own home. People who always spits The Prophet was confused, why anyone spit on him every day and that person forgive the spiter (it’s more strange cause the Prophet Muhammad visit the spiter in his own home  before his friends visit to his home). The spiter aware that the morality and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad was very noble, and finally the spiter declaire, that he is moslem .
·   When the Prophet Muhammad was having lessons in masjid, suddenly there was a non-Moslem who came in and immediately urinate,,, friends of  Prophet was angry and immediately picked up their swords to kill him, but the Prophet said, "let him,,, let him do what he need first (urinate) ". After finishing urinating, The Prophet meet him, and explain to him that this is a place of worship, should not pollute it .... just imagine, what a great character he is ...

c.    The Prophet said: "Shil man qotho'aka ", it means make your relationship goodly with the person who destroy the realtionship.
d.     The Prophet said, "man adzaa dzimiyyan, faqod aadzaanii", it means " who hurts the dzimmiyy *, then it is tantamount to hurt me" and many more hadiths that encourage and ordered to do good and spread love to others. * Dzimmiyy means non-Moslems under the auspices of the Islam and dislike the war
The conclusion from islam consist of 2 things, namely  "HABLUM MINALLAH" and "HAMBLUM MINANNAAS", it means as the human, we must make relationship with GOD Almighty, and make relationship with other human beings goodly.
Moslem motto is "Be like a bee, it’s always landed in sweet place, it’s took the sweet(honey) from flowers without breaking twigs / flowers, and produce the sweet (honey), but do not ever to bother a bee, they will be united against anyone, without exception ".
So, the basic of Islam is peace and love.It’s  not wise, if people identify Islam with  the anarchists group, but, it's was known by the whole people in this world , that every religion and every country there must be the folower is too bigoted and anarchist, so religion is not one of the factors that can make people become terrorists / anarchists, many other factors that influence, including economic, social, cultural, and political. Because of anarchists and terrorists are the result of individual actions. so, it’s very big mistake if  Islam equated with terrorists ,,, because Islam teaches peace and love between people.
Thus all,,,, this is just a little of the sciences in the holy book Quran and Hadisth. If GOD Almighty allow me to discuss it on the other occasion, I will share it to you all. Hopefully this article usefull for me and for you all, and usefull also for anyone who doesn’t know Islam well. For the whole of moslem, I just want to tell you, that  we must seek knowledge from a  good source and do it perfectly ... aamiin .
See you next time .....

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